Yen Bai Cinnamon is the national brand of Yen Bai Province and Yen Bai Cinnamon for the best quality in Vietnam, with a high content of essential oils and many other valuable ingredients, meeting domestic and international standards. .

Cinnamon Vina is a new business of Yen Bai, pioneering in investing, researching and developing cinnamon Yen Bai to become a national brand of Vietnam, improving the quality of produce. cinnamon products, developing domestic and foreign markets.

Founded by people born, raised and traded in Yen Bai cinnamon products for nearly 20 years. We understand best about Yen Bai cinnamon tree in terms of characteristics, quality of essential oils, care process, processing process and related factors.

Therefore, Cinnamon Vina company has the capacity and commitment to bring to customers and partners the best cinnamon products based on each requirement, competitive price and guaranteed delivery process. It is the beginning of a long-term cooperative relationship based on the prestige, trust and brand of Cinnamon Vina.

Cinnamon Vina export cassia, cinnamon from Vietnam

Products about cinnamon

Vietnam Cinnamon Company export cassia, cinnamon from Vietnam.

The cinnamon products of Yen Bai include cinnamon bark, cinnamon, cinnamon leaves, cinnamon essential oil and many other products from cinnamon. Yen Bai cinnamon products give the best quality in Vietnam.

If you have any need, please contact us directly to receive the quote of Yen Bai cinnamon products, updated the latest.


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Machines - Devices

Cinnamon Vietnam supplie Machines – Devices. If you have any need, please contact us.

Programs - Projects

Project programs coordinated by Cinnamon Vietnam with many businesses and organizations to research and develop, apply science and technology to planting, processing and creating new products from cinnamon and programs and projects. promote cinnamon tree Yen Bai

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We are always ready to advise on the products of Yen Bai cinnamon according to customer specific requirements, such as quotation, delivery policy, cinnamon product quality, cinnamon product list and requirements. other.

In our experience, to buy cinnamon products Yen Bai meets the quality and price requirements. Customers need experience, refer to many sources, update the latest information

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